A Responsible Approach to Hospitality


The Morrow is committed to minimizing its ecological footprint; we believe ongoing care for our planet is paramount and it's our aim to continually seek to improve our sustainable practices. Take a look at our sustainability practices and discover everything we’re doing to take care of you and our planet.

Sustainability Practices

  • Building has been designed to LEED-Gold certification tolerances
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures and water-efficient landscaping have been implemented throughout the property
  • Property is in a transit-oriented location and is accessible via multi-modal transit options
  • Parking footprint reduced by providing a quantity of valet-only parking spaces equal to 40% of the number of guest rooms
  • Energy-efficient HVAC systems provide reduced energy usage 
  • HVAC building controls offer all guests and visitors comfortable temperatures
  • Implemented rigorous indoor air quality management systems during construction
  • Reduced heat island effect by installing green roof areas 
  • Implemented bioretention areas throughout site to minimize impact to local stormwater system